Brian Magee

Brian Magee


ESB International

11:00 - 11:45

Smart Load Management Systems

Smart Load Management System concept. Designs of smart load management systems that can effectively be utilized during emergency energy demand Strategies to efficiently manage energy loads by energy and utility companies in the strategic balancing of energy demand Developing smart load management systems that permit end-to-end network management through advanced control systems Utilising the " Big Data", tools and strategies available through the following sources in drawing the policies Smart Load Management Systems: o Real Time SCADA data o Real Time Quality Management System Data in Smart Load Management Systems o Historical data warehouse systems o CIM data (Common Information Model) o Demand Side Management policies. o Short and long Term Load Forecasts o Artificial intelligence and business Indolence. Impact of intermittence renewable Energy sources on the Load Management System. Energy Market Systems impact on the Smart Load Management Systems. End customer prospective of the load side Management.